Lessons focus on core skills to help students develop the fundamentals of boxing:

• Punches: Jabs, Rights, Hooks & Uppercuts
• Shadow boxing
• Focus pads
• Heavy bag
• Double-end bag
• Speed bag

Our boxing lessons will help you to develop strength, balance, timing and self-control. A workout schedule of 1 to 3 lessons per week is recommended to acheive maximum results. Clients work at their own pace and build on their experience with each lesson.

Once you've tackled the basics, your trainer can introduce you to the gear & techniques involved in sparring, the interactive part of the sport.

Introductory Lesson: $50*

Individual Lesson or Sparring Session: $85*

Block of 5 Lessons: $350*

Block of 10 Lessons: $600*

Block of 20 Lessons: $1000*

(*click links above to prepay by PayPal)