Boxing on the Boulevard isn't just a Boxing Gym in the heart of Hollywood, it's also a completely dressed location for productions that include a boxing or fighting theme:

• Custom boxing ring with Ringside details
• Large rack with heavy bags, double-end bag, uppercut bag, speed bag
• Vintage & modern boxing gear - gloves, headgear, handwraps, boots, etc.
• Walls lined with boxing photos, posters & magazine covers
• Locker room complete with benches, shower & bathroom

We can also provide on-site technical training for actors and models, to ensure visually accurate punching & fighting for your film or photoshoot.

Here are some companies that we've worked with to date:

• Blackbox Productions
• ESPN's Cheapseats
• Frames per Second Productions
• Super Delicious Productions

For more information, call or send an email to