what you need to know about Sparring Class

  • Fee $10.00 per class for members and/or training clients
  • $15 for non members.
  • Must be 18 or above with proof/Gear needed headgear/mouthguard/16oz gloves/groin protector.
  • Boxing on The Boulevard rents and or sells all required items.
  • Participants should arrive minimum 15min before official start time.
  • For more info text or call owner Ian Cooper at 323-804-0118.

All levels are welcome

Step into the ring and experience the thrill of skill-matched sparring sessions with fellow boxers of similar levels. Our round robin style format ensures a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, allowing you to spar with multiple partners. With personalized coaching, comprehensive warm-ups, and tailored drills, our trainers will guide you towards reaching your boxing goals. Join our inclusive environment where all genders are welcome, and unleash your full potential in every session.

Transition Your Training to the Ring


Owner / Boxing / Masters Boxing

Ian cooper

Meet Ian Cooper, our Head Coach at Boxing on the Boulevard. With over 10 years of experience in boxing and a unique perspective as a late bloomer to the sport, Ian is passionate about helping individuals excel in the ring. Under his guidance, you’ll engage in skill-matched sparring sessions, receive personalized coaching, and experience the thrill of round robin style sparring. Join Ian on this exciting journey and unleash your boxing potential with his expert guidance.



Real Ring Experience

Step into the ring and test your skills in a dynamic and supportive sparring environment, gaining invaluable experience and confidence.

Masterful Coaching

Benefit from Coach Ian's expert guidance as he hones your technique, elevates your strategy, and brings out the best in YOU as a Boxer.

Accelerated Growth

Witness your growth and progress firsthand as you spar with diverse opponents, pushing your limits and unlocking new levels of your boxing arsenal.

important things

If you feel comfortable stepping into the ring doing full contact sparring then yes, even if you are new and are trying to get over your fears, we will have someone work with you. We are not here to kill each other, we are here to drill and become better boxers.

Bring what you have. Ideally Mouthguard, Gloves, Wraps, Shoes, Groin Guard, and Headgear. If you don’t have anything we sell and also rent everything you need to safely participate! 

Yes as stated above, you will need to pay $10 for the member rate and $15 for the non-member rate.

Payment can be made through Zelle, Cash App, Card, or good old cash.

+18. If you are younger than 18 please give me a call and we can set up a Youth Sparring session.

We hold Private Invite Only Advanced Sparring Classes at various times throughout the week. Please fill out the form below or call our gym to learn more.

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